HAFEEZ SON’S ENTERPRISES established in 1999 and has been serving since that time. Our company is a packaging solution provider, instead of, countless competitors in such a vast field of packaging, it has been successful to count itself in the queue of prestigious and established companies.

Our company imports, manufactures and supplies multiple packaging machineries and materials. Our Our highly effective quality assurance system can guarantee that all our products are controlled and monitored properly. All of our employees are committed to supplying our customers with 100% defect free products. There are some point that we never forget.


Quality is a collection of powerful tools and concepts that are proven to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cycle time and cost, and eliminate errors and rework

Customer Services

“Great Customers Service leads to great Customer loyalty.” We know that good customer service is the lifeblood of any business and that is why we are too conscious about it. So dealing with enquiries, complaints and calls and responding them on time by providing quick solution of problems makes us customer caring company.


Best quality, reasonable price and good customer service helps to develop trust in customers and this is what we never forget. After all it’s our job to make our client’s dream a reality.


Customer respect is a crucial factor in establishing loyalty for any company. This is the reason all the employees of our company from top to bottom offer a great respect to all the customers.

Excellent Customers Satisfaction

No one argues that one of the primary drivers of business success is customer satisfaction. And most businesses recognize that achieving customer satisfaction requires a multi pronged strategy, going all the way from understanding the customer and their needs through delivering good products and services as we want lifetime customers, not one-time

Constant Research & Development

The process of research and development (R&D) is a complex, costly, risky and long undertaking but our company has always been innovative and has introduced new technology in hometown.

In Pakistan we are one of the biggest importers of :

* Stretch Films
* Pet Strips
* All Kind of Packaging Machineries
* Packaging Tapes
* Polypropylene Baling Hoops
* Polythelene Bags
* Polypropylene Bags